France [1988] - 175m
Directed by
Bruno Nuytten
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November 07, 2021


French drama about Camille Claudel, a famous (?) French sculptor who rose to fame in the early 20th century. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to the classic arts, so it's no surprise I was entirely unaware of her background and story. Nuytten makes a decent effort to capture her character, but seems to get lost a bit too much in Claudel's relationship with Rodin.

Camille is a talented artist who gets noticed by Auguste Rodin. She impresses him so much that he takes her as his apprentice. Camille is smitten by Rodin, but finds it hard to be nothing more than his mistress. As she starts to understand that she'll never be more than Rodin, she tries to get out from under his wings.

For a film celebrating a female artist, Claudel is a surprisingly weak and dependent character. Adjani and Depardieu both put in commendable performances, the film sports a pleasantly warm, romantic look, only three hours is a bit much. Nuytten could've cut at least 60 minutes of material, and he would've ended up with a better film.