2017 / 84m - UK
Comedy, Horror
Canaries poster


May 21, 2023


A horror/comedy that relies heavily on its funny bits to stay afloat. This was clearly a low-budget affair, even so, if you want to do sci-fi and horror you still need to nail the genre elements. The props and costumes looked cheap and homemade, luckily there are enough laughs to compensate.

Aliens are experimenting on humans, and they're getting cockier with every attempt. When they plan their next attack in Wales, they contact the authorities on Earth and dare them to watch what they have planned. A London DJ finds himself in the middle of the alien strike, together with his friends he'll have to fight to survive.

The film doesn't look dirt cheap, but it doesn't come off too convincing either. The yellow raincoats were a smart choice, the nails and eyes needed some extra work. The juicy accents and quirky characters offset the poor presentation, but can't hind the fact that the skill and talent weren't there to fully pull this off. Middling filler.