1938 / 126m - USA
Romance, Comedy
You Can't Take It with You poster


January 17, 2023


It's been quite a while since I last watched a Capra/Stewart collaboration. I'd forgotten how indifferent I was to their films, this turned out to be a good reminder. I can't really stand Stewart, and I find Capra's style to be utterly bland and forgettable. The runtime is the final nail in the coffin.

Alice and Tony fell in love with each other, but they come from very different backgrounds and when their families meet, things become a bit tricky. Tony comes from a wealthy, close-minded family that cares only about money, whereas Alice's family is very open and friendly, and puts a stronger emphasis on human bonds.

The romance is dry, the families are pure caricatures, the comedy is cheesy and whatever drama there was fell completely flat. And all of that is stretched to pass the 2-hour mark. The light tone keeps it somewhat watchable, but that's of little comfort. A perfect Oscar winner I guess.