Kapone Oi ni Naku
1985 / 130m - Japan
Crime, Comedy
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November 10, 2022


Ah, Seijun Suzuki. Not one of his most famous films, but don't ask me why. This one was a lot of fun, combining Suzuki's most experimental side with lots of winks, gags, and moments of frivolous lightness. It's not quite up there with his best work, but I sure enjoyed it immensely.

Umiemon is a traditional Japanese singer/narrator. He isn't content to remain in Japan, and so he and his wife move to the US, where Umiemon hopes to make it big. The US isn't quite the land of dreams he had hoped it would be, but he commits to his mission and does everything to make himself known.

Suzuki pulls out all the stops. There's a strong visual playfulness, the plot is surprising and impossible to predict, and Suzuki has no trouble playing with people's expectations. It's not his most traditional narrative, but if you like Suzuki's lighter and more adventurous side, this is definitely worth checking out.