Yi Xing Ji Sheng: Qi Yuan
2024 / 74m - China
The Captives poster


July 06, 2024


A fun film held back by poor CG (and practical effects). While their fantasy output is getting better, the lack of experience in sci-fi is posing a problem for Chinese streamers. There are many positives here, but the lackluster creature design and their flimsy realization get in the way of the enjoyment.

A weird intergalactic bug is trying to invade Earth. Humanity fought them off once, but they returned with a new plan. They want to fuse with humans in order to stand a better chance of taking over the planet. It's a new challenge for Jin Shanya and her team, who try to eradicate the queen.

The cinematography and editing are cool, and so are the sets. The film is short and well-paced, The Captives is overflowing with genre elements and there are definitely moments of greatness here. But consistency is a problem and whenever the aliens appear it's like looking at a dated videogame.