2015 / 118m - USA
Romance, Drama
Carol poster


December 21, 2020


I quite like the films of Todd Haynes, though in general they're a bit too lethargic for my taste. I think Carol illustrates that quite well. While it's a more than solid drama with some stand-out moments, I felt that it was also a bit too sluggish, too steeped in the cinema of the past, which isn't really what I'm looking for.

Therese Belivet is a young girl trying to find her way in life. When she meets Carol, a dignified woman, she immediately falls for her charms. The 50s didn't react too kindly to lesbian couples though and Carol is wrapped up in a divorce, so it's not very easy for the two to enjoy each other's company.

The performances are strong and the 50s really come to life. The film's a bit too focused on the narrative and the characters, when its best moments are those when the score and cinematography take over to create some very atmospheric scenes. Definitely not a bad film, just not entirely my kind of thing.