Zhi Zu Wu Shang II Yong Ba Tian Xia
1993 / 91m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime, Drama
Casino Raiders II poster


May 02, 2009


Johnny To does Jing Wong. Hong Kong loves a good gambling film and Wong's involvement in the first film should come as no surprise. This sequel is pretty fun, maybe a bit darker than necessary, but if you're looking for some pleasant gambling filler, it's a more than solid option. It's far from a To highlight though.

Chicken Feet and Uncle Fan are running a local gambling joint. They are quite successful, so much that a local gang boss takes an interest in their operation. He wants to take over the business, but Chicken Feet doesn't care for his proposition. He is too busy preparing for his next gambling tournament. The gang leader won't take no for an answer.

Andy Lau is fun (though hardly challenged by his role), Anthony Wong notable in a minor part. There's some decent action, the gambling scene is properly developed and the pacing is pretty much perfect. The problem is that this film doesn't really stand out from the crowd, and that others have done a better job in the past. Ideal filler in other words.