Do Sing Daai Hang II Ji Ji Juen Mo Dik
1992 / 114m - Hong Kong
Casino Tycoon II poster


December 21, 2008


Slightly worse than the first film. Casino Tycoon had a broader focus, it was a film about how a relatively low-ranking guy made himself a casino empire that propelled him as the most important man in the business. This sequel narrows the narrative down to a single event and is more occupied with providing closure.

After Ho made it to the top of the casino business, several years or relative calm follow. It doesn't take too long before his old enemies start reorganizing themselves though. They band together and devise a plan to topple Ho's empire, of course he's not willing to go down without a fight.

Lau is still perfect for the part, but it's Chingmy Yau's role that leaves the biggest impression. I felt the film was a bit too focused on the narrative and emotional side, sporting some mediocre dramatic reveals that don't really make the film more interesting. It's still a decent effort from Wong and people who liked the first film will definitely want to see this one, but overall it's just not as good part one.