2011 / 101m - USA
Action, Comedy
Cat Run poster


September 30, 2022


A decent enough action flick, but not half as cool or funny as it pretends to be. A decade or so ago these types of films were all the rage, and I do appreciate what they set out to do, Cat Run just isn't all that effective. I'm not really all that surprised then that this one passed me by completely. I did have some fun catching up with it though.

Cat is a skilled escort who ends up in the middle of an international scandal. Two private investigators who just started their business take on the job of locating her, but they quickly realize the people who hired them don't want to find Cat to bring her to safety. She possesses a hard drive that contains a video of some incriminating events.

The film is excessively gory for an action film, but the direction feels a little uninspired and the attempted visual inventiveness is mostly just derivative. The film does pick up steam in the second half and the pacing is on point, but it's not really enough to have it up there with the best films in the genre. Still, solid filler for people who like this kind of thing.