2007 / 100m - USA
Catacombs poster


December 09, 2007


January 12, 2024


A somewhat older horror film I used to love. I guess it was the location of the film that sold it for me (it certainly wasn't Pink), because looking back at it now, I feel it's a film that struggles to rise above its peers. It's not a bad horror film, I thought it was still pretty entertaining, but it's hardly a genre masterpiece.

A woman travels to France after she receives an invitation from her sister. The two don't get along that well, but she accepts anyway. They dive into the French underground party scene the night of her arrival. Quite literally too, as she takes her to a party in the catacombs of Paris, one of the creepiest graveyards on Earth.

The setup is certainly interesting enough, but the actual horror elements leave a little to be desired. The killer is rather dull, the twists are a bit too predictable and the slick style of direction isn't quite as slick anymore (on top of that, the rave music is pretty terrible). It's lots of fun to see the lead run through the catacombs, but it's not enough to brand this a must-see horror flick.