2010 / 85m - Japan
Drama, War
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June 17, 2011


Wakamatsu does Japanese deformation horror, but his personal touches are still prevalent. It's better to see this film as a drama than a horror film, just to avoid confusion and to avoid attracting the wrong crowd. Prepare yourself for a pretty tough and relentless film, but one that comes with proper rewards for those who commit.

Kurokawa returns a decorated hero after having fought in the Sino-Japanese war. The only problem is that he has no more arms and legs, so he has to rely on his wife to take care of him. At first, she is committed to serving him well, but Kurokawa is demanding and as time passes, his wife finds it increasingly difficult to cope with his behavior.

Terajima is outstanding, Kawahara also does a heat job considering his limitations. The drama is solid, the political angles a little unnecessary, but there's no escaping them when watching a Wakamatsu film. It's a pretty unique take on a familiar subject and a cool film for a director who was nearing the end of his long career. Well-recommended.