2021 / 84m - UK
Mystery, Thriller
Censor poster


June 25, 2021


It's not often that you see one of cinema's biggest enemies featured in a lead role. The 80s saw the rise of VHS tapes, which helped to kick-start the boom in excessive horror cinema. The UK wasn't prepared, until they finally passed a law in the mid-80s that allowed censors to rate home videos.

Enid is such a censor, and she does her job with conviction. She is determined to save the world from malicious horror cinema, until a man mimics a murder in a film she gave a pass. This event shakes Enid to her core, and past trauma suddenly starts rearing its ugly head. Enid starts losing her mind, thinking back of her sister, who disappeared when she was 7 years old.

While Censor is a tribute to the video nasties of the 80s, it's not quite a horror film itself. Instead, it plays more like a psychological thriller with strong mystery elements. The performances are solid, and the setting is intriguing. The finale is pretty on point too, but the first hour feels a little tame, even somewhat underdeveloped. A stronger visual signature and a more demanding score would've worked wonders. Not a bad film though.