2020 / 98m - USA
Centigrade poster


January 14, 2021


A single-location thriller, and that location doesn't get any more boring than in Centigrade. Almost the entire film is spent inside a snowed-in car. That's it. Two people in a car, trying to get out, trying to survive and hoping someone will find them in the meantime. If that sounds boring, it's better to just ignore this one altogether.

Naomi and Matt are traveling through Norway. When they stop during a blizzard to get a little rest, their car gets snowed under and when they wake they are unable to get out. Naomi wants to dig her way out, Matt thinks it's better to stay put and wait for help. Hence, the long wait starts.

Since you're stuck with the same two actors in a single location for 90 minutes, they can't be too annoying. Rodriguez and Piazza do a decent job, though nothing exceptional. The score is nice, the setting is haunting and the tension rises with the minute. I'm quite partial to these kinds of films and Centigrade is solid genre material, but this clearly isn't for everyone.