Qian Wang Dou Qian Ba
1981 / 100m - Hong Kong
Action, Drama
Challenge of the Gamesters poster


April 10, 2009


Jing Wong's first feature film. An important milestone in the history of the Hong Kong movie industry, for the next 40 years Wong would be virtually everywhere. He didn't miss his entrance either, Challenge of the Gamesters is an action/gambling spectacle, a niche that would end up being Wong's biggest gift to the industry.

Besides the typical Wong elements, it's also a very typical Shaw Bros film. The characters, styling and sets all breathe that Shaw Bros atmosphere, there's even a hefty dose of martial arts to liven up the film. The biggest difference is the focus on the gambling scenes, which sets it apart from the other Shaw Bros films.

The story is nice enough, the build-up is deliberate and the pacing is perfect. The cinematography is also on point and the fight choreography is pretty creative. It's an easy watch, with just the right amount of intrigue and action to keep my engaged, a very nice start of Jing Wong's career.