2023 / 123m - USA
Comedy, Sport
Champions poster


April 02, 2023


The Farrelly brothers have split ways. While Peter is trying to become an Oscar regular, Bobby is sticking to lighter fare. Champions is a pretty run-of-the-mill feel-good sports flick, adapted from a Spanish film. It's not something that will put Bobby's career back on the rails, but it might buy him some time to properly rebrand himself.

Marcus is a basketball coach who cares about nothing but winning. He has an eye for the game, but not for the players. A DIU offense forces him to do community service, teaching basketball to people who are intellectually challenged. Marcus doesn't look forward to the job, but slowly he learns to enjoy his newfound career.

It's all very much by the numbers. The plot feels too familiar, the comedy is more feel-good drama than actual jokes or funny business and the ending is as cheesy as it gets. There are some decent moments, but they're mostly related to the small romantic side story. Not a great film, but it could've been worse still.