Hababam Sinifi
1975 / 87m - Turkey
The Chaos Class poster


December 05, 2022


One of the most unlikely classics I've ever seen. Turkish cinema has a strong following in certain parts of the world (though mostly in Turkey I suspect), which has propelled some local favorites into the international spotlight. The Chaos Class is not a good film by any stretch of the world, but it is adored by many.

The film follows a class of renegade students. They care nothing about studying and they waste their time pulling pranks, which they plan in their dormitory. When a new headmaster arrives, they look forward to messing around with him. Things won't go as easy as they hoped though.

This is basically a Turkish high school comedy. The film is poorly shot, the jokes are terrible and the actors look like they're in their 40s, but at least the atmosphere is light and the comedy prevails throughout. It's certainly not as dreary as some of the other Turkish films I've watched, but that's about the only good thing I can say about this film. I'll come around to the sequels one day, but I need some time to recover first.