Ôarai Ni Mo Hoshi wa Furu Nari
2009 / 103m - Japan
Chasing My Girl poster


June 23, 2022


A simple but fun comedy from Fukuda. I didn't read up about the film's origins, but I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be an adapted stage play. The single location, fixed set of characters and manic dialogues are all tailored for the stage. Not quite as mad or out there as it could've been, but it's a pleasant enough comedy.

The people who worked together in a summer beach club all get the same letter from Eriko, telling them to meet her at the club. All the men turn up, hoping for a romantic adventure. When they realize they're all dreaming of the same thing, a tactical battle commences to decide who has the biggest claim to Erik's love.

The performances are decent (but quite over the top), the comedy is light and breezy (with some funny reveals halfway through) and the pacing is pleasant, even though the setup is simple, and the film doesn't really go beyond its premise. Fukuda has made better comedies, but that's not a knock on this film. Perfectly fine comedy filler.