2020 / 97m - USA
Comedy, Sport
Chick Fight poster


May 03, 2021


There's a bit of Rocky, Fight Club and The Simpsons here, only with a big cast of women. Chick Fight is a pretty basic sports comedy, a film that goes through all the usual motions, only with an extra bit of vulgarity in lieu of real comedy. Oh, and some dialogue with words like "community" and "safe space", so you know the film was made in good faith.

Anna's life is slowly turning to shit. Her mom died not too long ago, her coffee bar is losing money, her car just got impounded and her love life's a mess. She needs a change of scenery, and that's exactly what her best friend is giving her when she takes Anna to an underground fight club.

Whoever believed Akerman would make a good Stallone should be fired, Thorne isn't very convincing either as the mean chick/bad guy. Secondary parts are there for the comedy, but none of them make a big impression. At least the camera work is somewhat fun and the tone of the film is light, other than that this was a pretty dull comedy.