2020 / 110m - Japan
Child of the Stars poster


May 25, 2022


A rather subdued drama by Ohmori. That's a bit surprising to be honest, as he is best known for his edgy and gritty films. The topic of the film certainly could've gone a lot darker, and it could've fit right in with the rest of his work. That said, going with this softer approach might actually be the most shocking way to portray the story.

The young Chihiro suffers from eczema. Nothing helps, until a colleague from Chihiro's father suggests a special kind of water. The water instantly clears Chihiro's condition, her parents are delighted. It drives them to an odd cult. Chihiro's brothers moves out of the house once he is old enough, Chihiro prefers to stay with her parents.

It's interesting to see that Ohmori doesn't blindly condemn the cult and Chihiro's parents, not a very common angle. The performances are solid and there are some strong scenes, but it's probably a bit too complacent in its styling to really stand out. A nice film, I just wish it could've made a more lasting impact.