Bacheha-Ye Aseman
1997 / 89m - Iran
Drama, Sport
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July 06, 2022


A pretty bland and barren feelgood drama. Not sure exactly what made this film stand out, but it seems to have amassed a broad range of fans over time. It's certainly an inoffensive film, one that stays clear from anything too enervating. Instead, you get a predictable and easily digestible story with doe-eyed kids.

A young boy loses his sister's freshly repaired shoes on his way home. He doesn't dare inform his parents, and gives his own shoes to his sis. At school his sister sees another girl walking around with her shoes, but when they follow her home, they discover she's even worse off than they are.

Stylistically it's all very dry and functional. The performances aren't terrible, but nothing too special, the plot is just dire. At least the film is relatively short, but that's just a minor positive, as the direction and the outcome are all very much by the numbers. Not a film I'll fondly remember.