2010 / 113m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader poster


July 23, 2023


The third in the Narnia series is a small step up from the previous films. The films are still way too childish and the fantasy's a little dull considering the possibilities, but at least their trip across the wide open seas is a bit more animated. It's also nice that the film doesn't cross the 2-hour mark.

Lucy and Edmond are forced to spend the summer with their return cousin Eustace. They are bored until a painting comes to life and transports the three of them to Narnia. They meet up with Caspian on the Dawn Treader, a royal ship that will take them to several mysterious islands to rescue the Seven Lords of Narnia.

The kids are still rather annoying (Poulter in particular), the fantasy is a bit basic by and by the numbers and the adventure is mostly aimed at younger viewers. There are some memorable moments though and the budget seemed a bit more in line with the aspirations of the film.