2020 / 65m - USA
Circumstantial Pleasures poster


August 13, 2023


Experimental cinema that feels old and outdated. It sounds like a contradiction, but it's a feeling I get quite often when watching these avant-garde films. Circumstantial Pleasures is a collection of 6 short animations, all of them rather crude collages of found objects (packaging in particular).

Looking up the idea behind this film afterward, I have to admit that I found none of the intentions back in the final film. Maybe it's because the crude animation and rudimentary sound design failed to pull me in, or whether the director's sentiments are mostly alien to me, but this just didn't work on any level.

I do know that I'm getting increasingly more allergic to (Western) angst as I grow older. The endless focus on negativity and danger and the urge to sell it as reality is starting to wear me down, and I find it harder to put in the effort, even when it's just a 65-minute film. The music saves it from being a complete failure for me, but this didn't do anything for me.