Gong Pu II
1995 / 99m - Hong Kong
Crime, Action
City Cop poster


July 24, 2016


A film with a terribly generic title, the execution is just as basic. Herman Yau takes on the buddy cop niche and does so with the necessary flair, but this sequel to Danny Lee's first film lacks a decent budget and/or inspired creatives to turn it into something more than average genre filler. Genre fans won't mind too much.

Chow is a young, talented cop who can't wait to make the world a better place. He is also quite reckless, and the Hong Kong underground is a dangerous place. In order to help him, he is coupled with a more experienced cop, but when the two are sent after some jewelry robbers, the situation still spirals out of control.

The leads aren't too charismatic, the formula offers nothing new and Yau isn't the greatest director, but once the film finds its groove and dives into the Hong Kong nightlife, it gets pretty entertaining. City Cop is self-aware shelf filler material, but it's certainly not the worst of its kind. Perfect for when you've seen all the bigger names in the genre.