Sing Si Lip Yan
1993 / 105m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Crime
City Hunter poster


November 01, 2010


Not quite as good as I'd hoped. Jackie Chan and Jing Wong doing a City Hunter adaptation sounds like a ton of fun, but apart from some obvious running gags (the big hammer among others) the film never really finds its footing. Probably because City Hunter is a bit too lewd for Hong Kong sensibilities.

It's a film that's going to work best for people who are familiar with the franchise, otherwise the references and running gags will make little sense. But even for them this adaptation is going to raise some eyebrows, as Jing Wong makes the film his own, with some typical Jing Wong moments (like the Street Fighter II parody).

It's a pretty mixed bag. Chan does his best but feels a bit lost in this film, the comedy is fun but not quite what you'd expect from a City Hunter adaptation and those coming for the trademark City Hunter feel may be disappointed by the slightlier sanitized result. Not terrible, but not entirely satisfying either, especially not with all the talent involved.