1996 / 90m - Japan
Action, Comedy - Animation
City Hunter: Secret Service poster


August 27, 2020


A somewhat disappointing City Hunter entry. It's by and large a carbon copy of the other films, except that the action isn't as impressive or excessive. That's a problem, as that's the one thing that kept this franchise away from mediocrity. With more focus on plot and comedy, its shortcomings are that much harder to ignore.

For one, the cheap animation isn't doing this film any favors. Not that the City Hunter series ever excelled in that department, but at least the over-the-top action scenes used to look cool. Without them, it's just very static and lacking in detail. The rather cheesy soundtrack is equally disappointing.

The film itself presents another case for Ryo to handle, with a few predictable twists along the way. On the comedy side of things, Ryo is being his perverted self again (cue obligatory bathroom scene and plenty of bras and panties talk). It's all a bit underwhelming, especially considering the 90-minute runtime. One of the lesser City Hunter films I've seen so far.