1952 / 105m - USA
Thriller, Romance
Clash by Night poster


July 05, 2024


Hollywood is the mecca of cinema, but few directors ended up making better films once they finally moved over there. Fritz Lang is another example of a man who had something interesting to add while working in Germany, but completely lost his touch once he crossed the ocean.

When Mae returns to her hometown, she has become a very cynical woman. Her brother Joe worries that her attitude will rub off on Peggy, the love of his life. When she bumps into Jerry, Mae's life looks a little brighter, but even after marrying him and having a baby, she still feels restless.

The performances are mediocre, the drama is tiresome and the noir elements don't add much to the film. Clash by Night is also too long for its simple premise and Lang's direction is inconspicuous. It's another forgettable noir from a director who is capable of much more.