1994 / 141m - USA
Action, Thriller
Clear and Present Danger poster


July 11, 2020


Harrison Ford as a 90s Jack Ryan isn't the most appealing sales pitch for a movie, but this was a pretty big box office hit back in the day. I have no idea why though, because it's a really bland and stale B-flick, made with an excessive budget. The worst part is, that excessive budget doesn't even show.

Ford isn't really suited to play Jack Ryan and these 90s action/thrillers haven't aged very well either. The action lacks adrenaline, the thriller elements aren't all that exciting and the only thing more over the top than the cheesy patriotism is the runtime of the film. They could've at least cut an hour without losing anything substantial.

At least the finale is slightly better than the rest, but you have to wait more than two hours to get there. The secondary cast is pretty poor too and Noyce's direction feels completely uninspired. A very forgettable and poorly executed film, let's hope time will bury this kind of nonsense, so future generations will be spared.