2022 / 100m - USA
Clerks III poster


January 01, 2023


Slightly disappointed in this third part. I'm not the biggest Smith/Clerks fan, but I did appreciate the two earlier films. The balance between comedy and drama never feels quite right here, with the comedy being a little outdated and the drama coming off as convoluted and out of place.

When Randal has a heart attack, he considers his past life and concludes he wasted most of it. When he's back on his feet, he plans to turn his life working in the convenience store into a movie. He writes a script and invites all his friends and palls to play themselves, which leads to more reminiscing about the past.

This is probably a film that works better for people more invested in Smith's Clerks universe. I only have a passing interest in the Clerks films, which is why the drama elements didn't really work for me. It still passes the time quite easily and it certainly didn't bore me, I just would've preferred it to be a more dedicated comedy.