2018 / 53m - UK
Click & Collect poster


June 29, 2022


A short Christmas special that's quite a bit better than it has any right to be. Thanks to the comedic timing of Stephen Merchant no doubt, though he also found a perfect partner in Asim Chaudhry. There's plenty of funny chemistry between the two leads, which is all this comedy really needed to succeed.

Andrew is a little stingy when he goes to pick up his daughter's Christmas present. When he tries to bluff his way out of it, he ends up with nothing to give. Andrew's neighbor finds one store that still has the preferred toy left, but they have to face a 4.5-hour drive to get there. And Andrew can't really stand his neighbor.

The setup is pretty simple and with a 50-minute runtime, the film can't really go anywhere special with it. But Merchant and Chaudhry are a blast, the comedy is funny and season-appropriate, and the pacing is perfect. The film can't really escape its TV roots, but if you're looking for a pleasant comedy, Click & Collect delivers.