2023 / 91m - USA
Clock poster


May 01, 2023


A pretty decent horror film. It's a mix of Asian suspense, tech doom, and some good old societal pressure, but even though it does a solid job blending together all those influences, Clocks has a tough time standing out from the crowd. Maybe it's because the premise felt a little dated.

Ella is perfectly happy, but the people around her keep badgering her about getting pregnant. After visiting her doctor, Ella becomes convinced her biological clock might be broken, so she enrolls in an experimental study that could hopefully fix her condition. While effective, the program is pretty brutal.

The horror elements are pretty effective, and the presentation is stylish, but the drama is quite disappointing, and the way the film pans out felt like missed potential. With a stronger focus on the horror and a more thoughtful setup, this could've been a great horror film, sadly, it ended up being mere pleasant filler.