Meghe Dhaka Tara
1960 / 126m - India
Drama, Musical
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December 27, 2022


Indian Neo-Realism mixed with melodrama. It's a combination of identifiers that sends shivers down my spine, and the film doesn't disappoint. It's a sluggish, 2-hour-long social drama (with some horrible musical influences) that never redeems itself, but only gets worse as it progresses.

A relatively well-off family flees from their home and ends up in the slums of Calcutta. The daughter of the family does her very best to improve the situation for her family, even sacrificing her own life and happiness to do so. For all the sacrifices she makes though, her family doesn't seem very appreciative of her efforts.

A film about self-sacrifice where things just get worse for the lead character. The performances aren't that great, the cinematography is very basic and the drama piles up endlessly. The music was pretty grating too, making the 2-hour runtime a real obstacle. Not my type of film, I really disliked this one.