Also known as
Feng Bao
China [2021] - 114m
Adventure, Action
Directed by
Li Jun
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November 06, 2021


Epic Chinese disaster flick. It's really nice to see that they got the basics right. There are some genuinely exciting scenes throughout, the scale may not be as grand as some others in the genre, but the threat is real, and the setting is pretty awesome. It's a shame the film gets a little too heroic during the second half.

A father (Yunbing) and son (Yizhou) reunite in a small mountain village where diggers have been working on a tunnel for almost a decade. Before they are actually reunited, the mountain starts acting up and a sinkhole appears. Yizhou has to rescue his father, but then word arrives that the entire village is about to be buried by the mountain.

I like myself a good disaster film and Cloudy Mountain doesn't disappoint. A nice setting, some impressive CG destruction and some hairy moments generally keep me glued to the screen, but like most other films in the genre there's a bit too much cheesy drama and the film does get a bit too epic at the end, especially when the China chest bumping peeks its head around the corner. Other than that, a fun film.

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