1980 / 124m - USA
Drama, Music
Coal Miner's Daughter poster


October 25, 2023


Biopic about the famous country singer Loretta Lynn. Or so, that's what the film says. I have zero interest in and zero knowledge of country music, and Coal Miner's Daughter did nothing that proved me wrong. It's two hours of full-on US kitsch, sporting one of the worst soundtracks I've heard.

Loretta is born into a poor coal miner family (hence the title). She marries early and has a rather unremarkable life until she starts singing and she is discovered by a local scout. Her success grows quickly and exponentially, though Loretta only cares about the music. It does put a strain on her marriage though.

Spacek's performance is okay, but that's the only positive thing I can say about this film. The drama and characters are horrendous, the music is something I'd never subject myself to and the story is as generic as can be. If you like biopics and/or country music this might be for you, I'm never coming near this film again.