2019 / 119m - USA
Crime, Comedy
Cold Pursuit poster


August 13, 2022


Moland remakes his own original for a global audience. And what better actor to front a revenge flick than Liam Neeson? That means you pretty much know what to expect from Cold Pursuit, except maybe the dark comedy that pops up from time to time. Probably because of Moland's Norwegian roots.

Nels is a simple man who loves his family and his job. When his son is reported dead, presumably because of an overdose, he refuses to believe his son was a drug addict. Not much later he finds out a local drug cartel was responsible for his death, so Nels starts to plan his revenge.

The plot isn't too original, but Moland's another-man-down setup is pretty funny and some dry and deadpan comedy interludes contrast nicely with the usual revenge/thriller motives. The cast is pretty decent, the snowy setting pleasant, and the pacing on point. Nothing too remarkable, but pretty good filler.