Hon Zin
2012 / 102m - Hong Kong
Crime, Thriller
Cold War poster


October 05, 2020


Cold War is just 8 years old, but there's already some nostalgia involved watching the film. This type of Hong Kong crime/thriller has become increasingly rare over the years, with lots of the movie productions shifting to China, leaving Hong Kong with an absence of money and talent.

The story is nothing special. Five Hong Kong policemen vanish off the radar, after which a cat and mouse game starts between a gang of criminals and the HK police force, with some internal struggles to boot. It's a classic setup, but not much more is needed to keep a film like this entertaining.

It's all about the execution, which is where actors like Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung come in handy. The cinematography is pretty stylish, the few action scenes are explosive and things get pretty tense in the run up to the finale. Just don't expect a big action spectacle, Cold War is a more subdued and low-key crime thriller. Good stuff.