1986 / 119m - USA
Drama, Crime
The Color of Money poster


May 08, 2021


Scorsese's sequel to The Hustler. It's another crime flick, this time mixed with some drama and sports elements while taking on the snooker hustling business. As a non-fan of Scorsese, it's rather disheartening that all of his film look alike, regardless of setting and themes, making this another failure in my book.

Newman reprises his role of Eddie, only he's a lot older now. He has lost the taste for pool hustling, until he runs into Vincent. He's a young pool wizard who has all the skills, but lacks a mentor. Eddie decides to take Vincent under his wings and teach him the tricks of the trade, Vincent is only too happy to oblige.

It's sad to see Scorsese reigning in Cruise here. He's only a shadow of his usual flamboyant self. The soundtrack is pretty bland, performances are unremarkable, and the plot is stretched way too thin. It's not Scorsese's worst film and at "just" 120 minutes, not his longest either, but I doubt there's anything here that will stick with me.