USA [2020] - 96m
Horror, Mystery
Directed by
Jacob Chase
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November 03, 2020


Not the first film to use modern technology as a mirror into another world, not the first film to use horror as a way to talk about mental illness. Certainly not the worst film to do this either, but in both cases Come Play feels like it's not quite doing enough to set itself apart from its peers.

Oliver is diagnosed with autism and doesn't really fit in at school. He is able to communicate with his parents through an app on his phone, but one day his device starts acting up and shows him a digital book about Larry, a creepy creature who prays on kids that suffer from loneliness.

Chase does his best to make it as creepy and freaky as possible, but the film keeps on repeating itself and the creature is revealed too quickly, which decreases its impact later on. The effect wears off even before the halfway point and even though it remains moody and atmospheric, it's not as tense as it wants to be. Not a bad film, but a little restraint could've made it more effective.