2018 / 104m - USA
The Commuter poster


February 13, 2021


Another typical Collet-Serra/Neeson collaboration. This is pretty much Non-Stop (at least, from what I can remember of it), only in a train. I'm not the biggest fan of these films, but they're pretty entertaining and even though Neeson's getting a bit old to play the action hero who saves the day, he can still pull it off (though barely).

When Michael is on his daily commute, a stranger sits down across him. She makes him a deal where he has to unmask a passenger on the train in return for a big, lump sum of money. Michael is a bit hesitant, but when it turns out his family is held hostage he has no choice but to comply with their demands.

Neeson can play these parts with his eyes closed, other performances are decent too, the limited set feels aptly claustrophobic and there are some solid action scenes. It's all a bit predictable and the ending could've used some extra spice, but overall this was pretty fun and well-made filler.