2019 / 115m - Japan
Comedy, Crime
The Confidence Man JP: Romance poster


July 12, 2020


Japanese series-based movies are rarely great, though there are a couple of exceptions. Sadly this isn't one of them. While the film starts off very promising and has a couple of things going for it, it completely falls apart during the second half and drags itself to a very unsatisfying finale.

The setup is nice enough though. A group of spirited con men are looking for a big fish to have some fun with. Their eye falls on a Hong Kong mogul, a mysterious person who pretty much controls every faction who has any power in Hong Kong. And thus starts their plan to steal a purple diamond from her.

There's a bit of overacting, but the colorful cinematography and upbeat atmosphere make for an amusing first part. But then the twists come ... and keep on coming. And then even more twists. And none of them are very good, they just feel forced and constructed. It makes for a rather dull second half that takes out all the fun.