2022 / 89m - Canada
Control poster


October 10, 2022


A simple sci-fi concept, held back by some mediocre drama. A film like this hinges on the execution of its genre elements, but when the focus shifts to drama you need other things, like proper actors, subtlety, and earned emotions. Those aren't the characteristics of your average genre film, and so it is not surprising Control ended up being a little contrived.

Eileen wakes up in a small room, sitting in a chair. A computer voice gives her tasks, which she has to complete in a certain amount of time. If not, the life of her young daughter is at stake. Eileen obliges, but her mission becomes way more difficult when her estranged husband is added to the room.

It's a fun enough premise and though there aren't any major surprises, the solid pacing and decent presentation make this an easy watch. The relationship drama is quite dreary, bland, and poorly acted, which really works against the film. A bit more focus and a stronger dedication to getting the genre tropes right could've turned this filler project into a small cult favorite, but alas.