Meng Chai Ren
1994 / 104m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Crime
Cop Image poster


October 13, 2017


A lesser collaboration between Yau and Wong. Anthony Wong plays the good guy here, which isn't how I like to see him in a Herman Yau film. It's not that he can't handle the part (he is in fact one of the highlights of the film), it's just that he shines brighter in more degenerate roles. There's none of that here, this is one of Yau's lighter action/crime films.

Sing is a simple traffic cop. He is a major fan of American action films and hopes to become just as brave as his big screen heroes. By chance, he one day notices a bank heist in progress, so he makes sure to involve himself. It doesn't take too long before Sing realizes real life isn't like the movies, but by then he's already knee-deep in the case.

Wong is decent, and the action scenes are pretty fun. There are some successful jokes too, but the film feels too cheap and rushed to leave a big impression. The Hong Kong movie industry crumbled quickly in the mid 90s and Image Cop is one of those films where the decay was already visible. Somewhat decent filler for genre fans, but nothing more.