Also known as
Kyuso Wa Chizu No Yume Wo Miru
Japan [2020] - 131m
Directed by
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March 20, 2021


Yukisada being Yukisada. The biggest difference is that he plays around with LGBTQ elements, I don't think I've ever seen him do that before. Not that it changes a lot, it's still a very typical romantic drama with the usual woes and worries, but it's nice to see the Japanese mainstream is getting a bit more accepting of these topics.

Kyoichi's life is about to get turned upside down when Wataru, a private detective, uncovers his infidelity. Wataru is an old classmate of Kyoichi, and has always had a thing for him. Rather than come clean to his spouse, Kyoichi promises to spend a night with Wataru, a night that will unleash a lot of conflicting feelings.

It's nice to see something different from the usual coming out stories, sadly there's a bit too much back and forth between Kyoichi and various partners, which puts a little strain on the second half. The performances are decent but not exceptional, the cinematography and score are polished but expected. It's a very solid drama, but having seen so much of Yukisada already it's not a film that stands out from his other work.

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