Gam Chin Dai Gwok
2009 / 113m - Hong Kong
I Corrupt All Cops poster


August 29, 2009


A pretty standard but adequate crime flick that breathed new life in Jing Wong's career. After slowing down his output as a director in the years before, 2009 saw him ramping up the pace again. And what better genre to return to than the Hong Kong crime flick, a type of movie that pretty much directs itself.

Jing Wong didn't make it very hard on himself either. With guys alike Anthony Wong and Tony Leung Ka Fai in front of the camera, quality performances are pretty much guaranteed. Jing Wong also make an appearance, but it's Eason Chan who left the biggest impression, his part was quite memorable indeed.

I Corrupt All Cops isn't standout genre material, but the solid mix of crime with a little comedy and the gracious references to better genre directors make for an entertaining film. Wong can handle all kinds of budgets and has no problem keeping A-listers in check, it rarely leads to great cinema, but more often than not it's very solid filler.