2017 / 91m - USA
Crash Pad poster


July 05, 2021


Sometimes, being wholly unfit to play a part can be a true godsend. Domhnall Gleeson is a spectacularly awkward fit for the Stensland character, certainly when you're used to seeing him as a rather stiff, posh English bloke. Turns out he's a lot funnier when he's playing against that particular stereotype.

Stensland is looking for a partner to settle down with. He thinks he has found true love when he hooks up with Morgan, but it turns out she's just looking for a one-night stand to get back at her husband. Frustrated, Stensland tries to blackmail Morgan, but then her husband turns up on Stensland's doorstep, looking for revenge.

Gleeson and Church have tremendous chemistry together, Applegate and Dobrev are decent, but clearly playing second fiddle. The writing is smart, there are plenty of funny details/side characters and even though the film sticks quite neatly to the romcom template, Crash Pad never feels obsolete. A nice surprise.