Zui Jia Sun You
1988 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
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January 19, 2015


Decent comedy filler. The kind that isn't all that good, nor has any intention to rise above itself, but still knows to charm with its spirited performances and light, breezy tone. Jing Wong has Andy Lau to thank for it, without him around I feel Wong's oeuvre would've turned out a lot worse.

One day Kwai discovers that he owns shares in the family business. Both his uncle and half-brother, who run the company, aren't too happy with Kwai joining the team and they instruct three managers within the company to dissuade Kwai from taking an interest. Instead, they befriend Kwai and will do anything to keep him on board.

A pretty simple setup that offers enough opportunities for some light but predictable comedy. Thanks to fun secondary parts of Sandra Ng, Richard Ng and Pak-Cheung Chan Andy Lau doesn't have to do all the heavy lifting, but stand-out cinema this is not. Just simple, ever so slightly amusing filler.