Also known as
Zui Jia Sun You Chuang Qing Guan
Hong Kong [1988] - 98m
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March 06, 2013


Wong's direct follow-up to The Crazy Companies (probably shot back to back too, maybe even simultaneously). If you liked the first film you'll have no trouble loving this one, if, on the other hand, the first one didn't really do it for you, there's little here apart from being a neat little completionist.

Tsui has run his company into the ground. He lost everything, even his relationship is no more. He and his friends come up with a plan to offer their services to their direct competitor. They work their way up in no time, but their trail of deceit is hard to conceal and before long they're trying their very best not to get caught.

The principal actors of the first film are here again, Jing Wong opens up another can of silly, madcap comedy and everything is neatly wrapped up in under 100 minutes. This is a vintage Wong comedy. A bit too much so, as I didn't find it very memorable or distinctive, but if you're looking for simple filler this is a pretty decent option.

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