2015 / 133m - USA
Creed poster


August 12, 2021


Going into this film, I didn't even know it was an official Rocky spin-off, just that it was a contemporary, often lauded boxing film by Ryan Coogler. What you're getting here is simply Rocky 2.0, a reboot of the original franchise in a more modern and black setting, warts and all.

Adonis Creed never knew his father, but he inherited his taste for boxing. Quitting a well-paid job and a cushy life, Adonis sets out to make it in the ring. He seeks out Rocky Balboa, hoping he will guide him to the top. Rocky isn't part of the boxing world anymore, but upon seeing Apollo's boy he's willing to give it another try.

Jordan is pretty decent, Stallone is passable (which is a big win). Other than that, there's really not much to say about this film. If you've seen one boxing film you've seen them all, and apart from a more hip-hop inspired soundtrack and a slightly blacker cast, Coogler does very little with the material. Creed is way too long, doesn't offer enough excitement and chokes on the more dramatic parts, but boxing fans should be happy that this contemporary update is on the same level as the original.