No Matarás
2020 / 92m - Spain
Cross the Line poster


August 10, 2023


A nice, tense thriller that keeps the camera close to its protagonist, taking the audience on a nerve-racking trip that spans a single evening. The protagonist makes some odd, even baffling choices along the way, but they always make the film better in some way. I didn't mind, but your mileage may vary.

When Dani's father dies, his sister forces him to take some time for himself. A strange encounter with a woman that same evening leads Dani on a destructive path. As he gives in to life and tries to live in the moment, he keeps making the wrong choices, which eventually turn against him.

The cinematography is visceral, with a shaky cam that trails Dani. Lovely lighting and neon color work lend the film some extra flair. The soundtrack is a mixed bag and not all the performances are equally great, but if you're looking for a tense and nervous little thriller, Cross the Line won't disappoint.