1994 / 119m - USA
Crumb poster


March 01, 2023


A pretty basic documentary about a famous American cartoonist. I'm not really sure what makes this doc so special, but it probably has something to do with the reputation of Crumb. Other than that, the doc doesn't offer anything too exciting or original. Unless of course, you expected a typical hype document.

Instead, the film mixes interviews of Crumb with scenes from his personal life, including his family. It creates a more intimate portrait compared to the classic talking heads affair, but it's not that different from what I've seen from other artists doing similar documentaries. And Crumb's personal life really isn't all that interesting.

It's a decent enough introduction to the man and the man's work, sadly, it just didn't leave me impressed with either. At two hours long, it also contains a bit too much padding and the film does get pretty repetitive after a while. I guess his fandom will love this film, I simply didn't care too much for it.