1992 / 112m - UK
Crime, Drama
The Crying Game poster


January 22, 2023


A peculiar film that takes a while to show its true face. It's not a film that stood out to me for any other reason than being unsure where it would go next, but somehow that was enough to keep me entertained. I'm sure a better director could've done more with the material at hand though.

Jody is a British soldier who is apprehended by the IRA. Fergus has to stand guard and keep an eye on him, but he is only an IRA volunteer and the two men develop a bond. Jody makes Fergus promise that should anything happen to him, Fergus is to seek out Jody's wife to tell her about his fate.

The performances are decent but nothing too special and the presentation is pretty bland. It's a shame, as there are some fun twists and turns that kept me guessing what else the film would have in store. The result is an easy watch, but it could've been a lot better in the hands of someone with a more distinct vision.